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Functional CV Made Easy

Insert Your Name – Keep it to 2 pages or less
Insert full address – Insert Tel No – Insert email address

Personal Statement
Remember: This is the most important part of your CV, it is what the employer reads first. You must sell yourself here. Write a short paragraph about 5 or so lines relating you your skills, experience and achievements. Target your statement at how you meet the person spec and criteria for the vacancy you’re applying for. Your statement is the introduction and summary of who you are e.g. 20 years experience from shop floor operative to warehouse manager with a experience ranging from labouring to stock management (1 line explains it all).

Communication E.g. Ability to communicate written and verbal information to staff; video conference, email, web blogs and presentations.
2nd description of communication skill and experience
3rd description

2nd Skill / Experience 1st description of skill and experience
2nd description of skill and experience
3rd description of skill and experience

Work Experience
Company Name 1, Job Title, Oct 2011 July 2013
Company Name 2, Job Title, Oct 2011 July 2013
Company Name 3, Job Title, Oct 2011 July 2013, Assistant developer, Oct 2011 July 2013

BSC Computer Science
First Aid

Additional information
Driving license
Confine spaces cert
Dumper truck driver
Multilingual – English, Spanish and Russian.

Hobbies and interests
Some information about yourself, what you enjoy outside of work. Always mention those activities that may improve your chances of getting the job you’re applying for e.g. mention you play football if you are applying for a job as a labourer as it shows you are physically fit.

Referee name
Phone No
Always better to mention your references because it makes it easier for the employer with their recruitment.