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Cover Letter Made Easy

Mr Employer
38 Employer St
Employer Town
Post Code
Your address
Tel No:

Dear Sir/Madam

1st part: Tell the employer the reason for the letter
I would like to apply for the job of care assistant which was advertised on today.

2nd part: Tell the employer why you are the person for this job. Your skills and experience.
I have worked in care for 6 years. During this period I have gained skills and experience in
Caring for the elderly Administering medication Personal assistant

Before this job I completed an apprenticeship and a NVQ in Health and Social Care.

3rd part: Closing statements
I am available for interview at any time. I have enclosed a copy of my CV for more information.

Yours faithfully (If you donít know the name of the person, Dear Sir/Madam)
Yours sincerely (If you do know the name of the person, Dear Mr Adams)

Your signature
Your name

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